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Trade show exhibitors and event managers know the power of face-to-face interaction with prospects. There is no better business opportunity than the ability to connect with hundreds of prospects over just a few days.Imagine the time and cost to drive and/or fly to meet with each of the people you encounter over a three-day trade… Read more »

The Power of Graphics: Floor to Ceiling

 There are two areas of your trade show display that quite frankly, can be overlooked. If you are building your booth without the benefit of an experienced trade show partner, you might just miss out on two of the most impactful places to display your company message: The Floor and the CeilingWhen designing your trade… Read more »

Make a Profitable Impression Without Breaking the Budget

Exhibiting at successful trade shows is a proven way to positively impact your company’s sales. Exhibitor Live, an annual trade show event dedicated to trade show and corporate event marketing providers just published this fact: *62% of attendees arrive with plans to buy one or more products or services they see at the show. That’s PURCHASE ORDERS in… Read more »

Draw a Crowd with an Island Display

Why an Island Display?When selecting the best trade show exhibit size for your business, consider the fact that with an island display you can: Offer access to attendees from more than one side of your exhibit area. We’ll review your booth position so that we can design the Island Display based on expected traffic flow and how… Read more »

What Will You Do with a Blank Canvas?

Hobby Lobby sells this watercolor blank canvas in stores and online. If you had unlimited art supplies, what would you do with this canvas? The options are limitless; paint a portrait, color a variety of small pictures, fill the space with photographs like a scrapbook page or even add dimension by attaching additional items. Designing a trade show… Read more »

Making Flooring the Center of Attention

When we think of flooring, we look for serviceable, durable covering. Flooring rarely enters our mind when we think of marketing messages and yet, perhaps it is an untapped surface that should be explored.This summer the Manhattan location (5th Avenue and 20th Street in NYC) of famed designer Michael Kors redesigned their showroom with a trendy, graphic… Read more »

Be a Thought Leader at the Next Trade Show

As a company representative with a trade show booth, you are viewed as someone with a product and/or service to sell. Attendees come to your booth and listen to your sales pitch and may or may not make a purchase. However, if, in addition to your trade show displays, you are also a speaker during the… Read more »

How to Be Empowered when Trade Show Shopping

There is nothing more nerve-wracking then making a business investment without having some knowledge to help in the decision making process. Buying a trade show display is one of those times when having a little knowledge can really be beneficial. Just like when you purchase a car or computer or prescription eyewear; it is important to… Read more »

Trade Show Confidence is on the Rise

You don’t have to be a gambler to have confidence in the effectiveness of trade shows. If you’ve ever had a trade show display, you know the power of face-to-face interaction with your prospects. There is no better business opportunity than the ability to connect with hundreds of prospects over just a few days.  Imagine the… Read more »

Bigger is Better

We just returned from ExhibitorLIVE 2018. It was an amazing experience and we send out a huge thank you to all who came to visit us! If there was one big takeaway from this year’s experience, it is that bigger is better. This was our fourth time with a booth at ExhibitorLIVE and each time we… Read more »