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The Phrase That Kills a Sales Presentation

sales presentation

What is the phrase that kills a sales presentation? “To be honest with you…” When a Sales Person Gets “Honest with You” what does that make you think? We asked a variety of consumers to weigh in with what they think when a sales person uses that phrase and you might be surprised by what they… Read more »

How to Handle “Just Looking” Prospects

just looking prospects

Just Looking  Prospects: If you had to think of a phrase that you hear more often than not when working a trade show convention, even money says it is some form of “just looking.” People who are just looking can easily sneak past your trade show display without engaging in further discussion and most likely… Read more »

3 Myths about Renting a Trade Show Booth

renting a trade show booth

Have you hesitated to consider renting a trade show booth, display components, flooring, or accessories because of some misconception that it wouldn’t look spectacular? Although custom trade show displays are ideal and offer a variety of configurations from 10×20 displays to double deck displays, a trade show booth rental also provides similar options at a fraction… Read more »

How Will You Connect with the Rising Number of Trade Show Attendees

trade show attendees

According to The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) the number of trade show attendees is expected to rise to an all time high over the next two years.   The chart above is CEIR’s index of several important factors metrics: exhibiting companies (EXH), attendance (ATT), gross revenue (REV), net square feet (NSF). Click on the… Read more »