3 Trade Show Questions You Need to Ask

Designing and building the best trade show displays to represent your company takes time, cooperation and expertise. But what happens to your exhibit after the first show? Trade show displays are a marketing investment. Following are three trade show questions you will want to ask the trade show exhibit company you are working with before deciding to give them your business.
1.  How many times can I expect to be able to use this trade show display?
There may be circumstances when you need a display for a single event that will never reoccur. However, in most cases, when a company invests in a trade show display, they expect to be able to reuse the display many times over.
Many trade show accessories and displays allow for the graphics to be changed, providing some flexibility in your look and message, however, you still expect the frame work to provide many uses.
A quality trade show exhibit provider will take the time to understand your needs and expected uses and then make recommendations for products that will stand the test of time. Of course, there will be times that it is wise to invest in additional components or even rent exhibit displays to complement your basic exhibit. By asking the sales representative these questions, you have a clearer understanding of the quality of the company.
2.  Will the electrical cords be camouflaged or do I need to expect unsightly electrical wiring to be visible throughout my exhibit?
One of the challenges in trade show displays is the dangers of electrical cords that crisscross throughout your displays; supplying electricity to your monitors, charging tables, displays and lighting.
Enter the raised floor! Including a raised floor in your trade show exhibit allows you to manage electrical cords without worrying about safety or fire hazards. With a raised floor you are no longer hampered by available outlets when configuring where you will place trade show display counters, trade show charging stations or any other accessory that might require electricity.
3.  Will the packing and shipping crates keep my exhibit from being damaged?
If you have ever tried to take a toy out of the manufacturer’s packaging, you know the impossibility of ever using that box again. You had to use scissors, brute strength and maybe even your teeth.  So if your exhibit components are not packed and sent in high-quality cases, the likelihood that your display and accessories will arrive back at corporate in one piece is questionable.
However, there are hard-cased shipping crates designed specifically for trade show elements like monitors, pop-up displays, fabric graphics and retail display kiosks. Additionally, many exhibit companies, like E&E, offer trade show labor for set-up and tear down which include packing, shipping and evenexhibit storage for your trade show displays so that you don’t have to worry about the condition of your exhibit. It will be ready to go for the next trade show event you attend.
A lot of the elements of your trade show display come down to quality. You get what you pay for and if you are looking for a pop-up display that you only use once and then toss, pretty much any online company can help. However, if you are interested in making a long term investment in the branding and marketing of your company over the course of a number of events, conferences and trade shows, then you will want to make sure the company you partner with has the resources, materials and experience that will provide the ROI you require.
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