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Complete Your Booth Rental with LED Display Walls by E&E Exhibit Solutions

LED Wall Display Rentals have become extremely popular marketing tools to get your message across effectively.

LED display rentals allow for thinner housing and better lighting.  At E&E Exhibit Solutions, we house LED display tiles seamlessly into our EuroFrame system.  These LED display walls can be customized for linear or curved requirements, columns, cubes, pyramids, bridges, you name it.  An entire rental solution can be comprised of LED Display walls or used as accents.

The brightness and visibility of LED video walls is unmatched.  This is why you will find LED walls incorporated at outdoor events, storefront windows, LED digital billboards, large trade show convention halls, etc.  LED video walls are so popular and attention grabbing, while their use is limitless.

LED video walls support HD (high definition quality resolution).  Therefore, whatever you choose to stream at your trade show or event will be of the highest quality, which reflects on your brand.

What we do

E&E Exhibit Solutions provides ideal technology for engaging LED display wall presentations.  We utilize a component-based LED display wall to create customized screen sizes to fit your space and event.

Who we serve

Event managers, meeting planners, marketing managers and business owners to create engaging LED display walls.

What makes E&E Exhibit Solutions different

We provide expert guidance and support from concept to completion. We match our solutions to your specific needs. Our LED display walls combined with our modular frame system can create infinite possibilities and solutions tailored to your specific space.

We offer nationwide local LED display wall rentals and installation services!

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