Bigger is Better

We just returned from ExhibitorLIVE 2018. It was an amazing experience and we send out a huge thank you to all who came to visit us! 
If there was one big takeaway from this year’s experience, it is that bigger is better.

This was our fourth time with a booth at ExhibitorLIVE and each time we have experienced wonderful traffic, amazing conversations and terrific sales opportunities. There is nothing quite like the experience of meeting in person with business prospects. 

Each year we have built a different booth that showcased trade show accessories, furniture and technology that we wanted our prospects to be aware of. Having the opportunity to touch and feel options like our touchscreen tabletop, the charger stations, LED floor-to-ceiling displays and hanging signs really bring them to life for our customers.

In 2015 we showcased a clean, bright 10×20 displays that offered ample space for conversations with prospects, featured our touchscreen tabletop and an LED screen for videos and photos of our products. 

In 2016 we featured a 10×20 trade show display with a curved element, custom flooring and tablets mounted on displays for personalized sales conversations.

Last year our booth incorporated Virtual Reality. Attendees could actually touch the screen and change the experience to meet their needs, real-time. 

This year we went big. We featured a 20×20 island display with a rotating hanging sign and pulled out all the stops. 

We attracted more visitors, had the opportunity to give away prizes, answer questions, showcase multiple services and trade show products and came away with our best experience yet.

Bigger is better.

For companies that participate in trade shows to attract new business, most say that a large percentage of their annual business comes from the experience. Why not invest in a trade show display that will attract the most business. The benefits of having a trade show booth are almost too many to mention:

  • Meeting in person helps to grow and build customer relationships
  • Hands-on time with your products helps answer questions and spark interest you simply can’t do with an email or phone call
  • Sales staff can suggest solutions prospects didn’t even know they needed until meeting in person
  • Seeing your products first hand emphasizes the quality and consistency of your offerings
  • It is a great way to build your customer lead base for future conversations
  • Businesses can reach a larger number of prospects in a short space of time

What we learned this year is that when you have a trade show booth that is visible across a crowded convention hall (our rotating, backlit sign was a huge draw) and you have enough space to accommodate multiple attendees at the same time, you are able to increase your leads and grow your sales exponentially.

That isn’t to say that a 10×10 standard trade show booth is a waste of money; it is much better to be there and visible than not, however, it also is a testament to the fact that the more people you are able to draw into your booth, the bigger the opportunity to grow sales. 

One of the great benefits available from E&E is our rental program.  We can help you expand your current trade show exhibit by incorporating additional pieces from our rental inventory to fit a larger space.  They can be customized to match your company colors, logo and brand messaging. It is a great way to try out the “bigger is better” theory at your next trade show. Give us a call to learn about the many ways you can update, add to or modify your trade show display. 

Let E&E Exhibit Solutions® revolutionize your next trade show!

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