Create a Transformative Environment

So many of our competitors will be exhibiting at the same trade shows that we participate in.  How do we stand out this year?
Your mission? To create a transformative environment where attendees feel connected, engaged and inspired. In the INC. magazine article,  How To Create An Environment That Transforms People, by Benjamin Hardy we learn:
“If you can position who you are and what you do as a transformative experience, even if what you’re selling is a pair of socks, then you will appeal to a very powerful audience. Experiences are important because they are highly connected to identity, emotions, and memory. When you can create an experience for someone, wherein they develop an emotional connection to your brand and what you do, then they connect your brand with their identity.”

In the image above, you see how we created an environment that took attendees out of the convention hall and placed them in the wilderness where they could kayak, camp and enjoy the great outdoors. From the custom flooring that resembles an ocean floor to the full-sized sporting equipment and colorful visuals, attendees are immediately immersed in a place that conjures up emotions of peace and tranquility. Custom exhibit rental designs have the flexibility and creativity to transform the attendees to a place where you can connect with them on an emotional level. 

Showcase Your Products
Whether your products are smaller than a bread box or full-sized helicopters, there are custom exhibit rental designs that showcase your business in a way that draws attendees to you. 

As you begin to formulate your ideas for your transformative environment consider these questions:

  • How can you make your company’s products and services more transformative for your clients?
  • How can you be more open to transformational experiences yourself?
  • How can you engage the customer in a way that connects with them on an emotional level?

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. says:  “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
That’s what happens when you have a transformational experience. You see things differently. 
Most likely, the products and services your company offers, require helping attendees uncover a problem they didn’t know they had – building a transformational environment may be just what you need to do. Help your prospects by placing them in circumstances that require they connect with you and with your products in an unexpected way. 
Help them to see you and your products differently. 

Our design specialists will help build that one-of-a-kind exhibit that connects with attendees on an emotional level; drawing them in and transforming them into customers for life. 
Give us a call – we can help. 

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