Draw a Crowd with an Island Display

Why an Island Display?
When selecting the best trade show exhibit size for your business, consider the fact that with an island display you can:

  • Offer access to attendees from more than one side of your exhibit area. We’ll review your booth position so that we can design the Island Display based on expected traffic flow and how you want prospects to access your environment. 
  • Draw attention to your booth!  Create large, bold, lit graphics and hanging signs for visibility through the arena
  • Create a variety of areas within your exhibit to maximize on the sales conversations and sales conversions
  • Include a private conference room within your display
  • Showcase your best products:

Reach new heights with Double Deck displaysMany of our customers include double deck designs in their island displays rentals. 

This double deck design includes a 20′ tower with LED lighting – visible from everywhere on the convention room floor. 
Custom counters with storage, monitors, shelving and custom kiosks offer multiple opportunities to display product images, brand messaging and your custom 3D logo. 

Impress attendees by taking them upstairs where they will be “king of the world” with a view of the entire venue, yet away from the crowds. Perfect for important conversations where you have the opportunity to get to the crux of what they need for their company and how your products and services will help them reach their goals.
Almost every island display that we have designed and built for our clients include bold and colorful graphics. Island displays rentals and purchases offer the space necessary to showcase stunning graphics that include your company logo “large and in charge.”  

Consider Us Part of Your Team
In the poem, “No Man Is an Island” by John Donne, he starts by saying: 
“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”

We believe that. It takes the combined efforts of your company’s leaders along with our sales and design experts to create the most effective display for your company. 

Designing the perfect island display for your company involves a process of questions and answers with our design team. We use an investigative approach to uncover your needs and expectations. Our exhibit designers incorporate your vision, your goals, and your budget when creating renderings for your review and approval. 

It is through that collaborative effort that you will receive a finished product that not only effectively represents your company’s brand, but also helps to solidify the relationships you are building with your prospects and customers. 

Visit our  Island displays rentals page and view island booth renderings that we have created to get the creative juices flowing.  Our People with Ideas ® can help you create the perfect island display for your company.  
 Visit our website. Take time reviewing the portfolio of our exhibits and accessories and then give us a call. Let’s work together to create the best possible trade show display for your company’s needs.