Drive Traffic to Your Booth with a Charging Stations

Attendees have their mobile devices permanently attached to their hands and they run out of battery. If your company has trade show charging stations as part of your exhibit – you will be a “must see” destination.
They might have just passed by your display in the past, but if you have a way for them to juice up their Smart Phone, they will be delighted to visit, plug in and stay to learn more about your products and services.
Counters and tables are now being built that include smart technology – see the above coffee table that also serves as a charging station. There are eight USB ports, LED permimeter Halo lights and the white counter can be customized with your company logo.

4 Ways Trade Show Charging Stations Benefits Your Business

In the article Reasons Retailers Need Phone Charging Stations the benefits for a retail store can easily translate to your trade show booth. Here are four ideas that make perfect sense for your next trade show booth:
1. Boost Sales
Installing a phone charging station in your booth has proven to drive foot traffic from customers who otherwise wouldn’t have come in.
Here are some retail stats:
* Customers who charge their phones stay in the store 2.27 x longer than those who don’t.
* There’s a 54% increase in conversion for customers who charge their phones.
* Customers who charge their phones spend 29% more than those who don’t.
* Of the people who walk in just to charge, 11% end up spending money.
2. Build Engagement & Customer Loyalty
“As customers are becoming more cell phone dependent (84% of consumers use their phone while shopping in stores[2]), an amenity like a charging kiosk becomes a new retail expectation. “Retailers that are offering the most engaging experiences are winning consumer loyalty, thus producing more valuable customers,” explains Jeffrey Bergeland, ChargeItSpot Director of Client Success.”
The same can be said for a company including trade show charging stations in their booth.
3. Capture Customer Data
While attendees are captive in your booth, charging their cell phone device, why not use themobile iPad trade show app to capture information about them, their company and potential products that might meet their future needs?
4. Get Instant Tech Cred
Cell phone charging stations are an example of cutting-edge, interactive retail technology. Installing trade show charging stations in your booth  can provide your brand with instant tech cred, thus widening your appeal to millennials and gadget enthusiasts.
Trade Show Charging Stations are More Than Just Counter-tops 
An integral component to most custom portable exhibits and custom modular displays, trade show charging stations provide:
  • A focal point for sales presentations or demonstrations while charging continues
  • A reception area for visitor sign-ins, contest registry or marketing collateral
  • Counter-top space to display products or marketing collateral
  • An area for software demonstrations using monitors or tablets
  • Some models provide locking cabinets with internal shelves for additional products,  marketing materials or for your valuables
RENT Trade Show Charging Stations:
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