Effective Uses of Technology at Trade Shows

Should you use technology in your trade show display this year? The short answer is “yes.”

Technology is in every aspect of our lives so why shouldn’t we begin to incorporate it into the trade show experience?
In a recent article from Handshake – a digital marketing company, they list a variety of ways that technology can be effectively incorporated and used in your trade show exhibit, including:
  • Event Planning Software
  • Charging Stations
  • Mobile Apps
  • Touch Technology
  • Digital Signage
  • LED Flooring
  • Wearables
  • Order Writing Software
Charging Tech

We are already providing a variety of tech solutions for our customers. The trade show charging stations are a great way to bring attendees to your booth and “hold them captive.” Plug in their device for charging and then use the time to engage them in conversation. What brings them to the event? What is their company? Who do they serve? What pain points do they have in the customer experience that your service might help alleviate?

Mobile Tech
Mobile iPad trade show apps are a great way to capture prospect information, demonstrate products, provide literature without the paper trail and keep in touch after the event. Check out this short video on the mobile iPad trade show app:
Touchscreen Tech
Customizable touchscreen displays are highly effective in the trade show environment.  With a touchscreen display you can:
  • Upload your content immediately without the need to install additional software
  • Access company brochures, websites, videos and products without the need to ship collateral materials to show site
  • Watch videos of people using your products
  • Use the paint feature to draw on the screen, highlighting different aspects or creating a customized image
  • Work with multiple people thanks to the multi-user group feature
  • Capture contact information and send follow up information based on their personal VR video production session
  • Easy finger activated experience allows users to grab and drop in images and videos to the screen as well as move around the 360 degree view
  • Using the simple finger pinch technique, expand the view or zoom in on a certain portion of the screen for a closer look
Tech Outside the Trade Show
Technology shouldn’t just be for the trade show. Make sure your technology is transferable back in the work environment. If you are going to spend the money and resources to develop an interactive experience, make sure it can also be used as a sales tool for your team when they are interacting with prospects in the field. If it works for a trade show, make sure it also works in the field.
Tech Budget
One final word on tech for your trade show exhibit…money. Tech isn’t cheap and yet the benefits outweigh the investment. Keep in mind that the cost of that tech, if it can be used in a variety of ways outside the trade show event, may be allocated across several different departments. The cost shouldn’t fall just on the trade show budget or the marketing budget. If you include several departments in the cost, you may be able to expand the functionality!
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