How the U.S. Air Force Uses Custom Kiosks

Custom Kiosks have always been a popular way to showcase a video display, new product offering or promotional materials, but they can also serve as a show stopping, conversation-creating focal point at your next trade show.

Recently the U.S. Air Force commissioned E&E Exhibit Solutions to create a custom kiosk that would feature the Air Force Creed:

custom kiosk

I am an American airman.

I am a warrior.

I have answered my nation’s call.

I am an American Airman.

My mission is to fly, fight, and win.

I am faithful to a proud heritage,

A tradition of honor,

And a legacy of valor.

I am an American Airman,

Guardian of freedom and justice,

My nation’s sword and shield,

Its sentry and avenger.

I defend my country with my life.

I am an American Airman;

Wingman, leader, warrior.

I will never leave an airman behind,

I will never falter,

And will not fail.




Powerful words. A life-giving promise. The U.S. Air Force wanted this promise to the American people to be featured on a custom kiosk and so we created this amazing piece of art. The kiosk measures 8′ tall by 2-1/2′ wide. The one inch tempered plexiglass features two-color, multi-layered custom cut vinyl decal and letters for the insignias and words of the Air Force Creed.

The plexiglass features aluminum edge trimming and sits firmly in custom contour cut wood base blocks.

So why might you want to consider a kiosk for your trade show display, corporate lobby or retail space?

  • Custom kiosks complement your existing booth components
  • Graphics can feature your marketing specials, product lines or brand messaging
  • Expand the purpose by incorporating shelving to add features like a computer display or storage

Kiosks can also be used as a self-service information station for customers to review information about your products and services.

However, we are most pleased with how the U.S. Air Force chose to use their custom kiosk; as the primary method to clearly communicate their purpose; as Warriors protecting our great country.

For more information about how a custom kiosk might enhance your trade show displays
or how you can use kiosks in your office building, educational center, hotel, hospital or retail location; please contact us.