How to Stand Out from the Competition

Do you like chocolate? If your company was a chocolate bar, what type would it be?
Milk chocolate: solid, traditional, no frills.
Mr.  Goodbar: textured and filled with something extra.
Chili Chocolate: modern, spicy and surprising.
Each business offers a little something different, just like chocolate and just like chocolate, your trade show display should accurately reflect your business values, culture and that something extra that sets you apart.
In a sea of trade show booths, how will you stand out?

There are so many ways you can configure your trade show displays that will allow your booth to not only stand out from the competition but will also reflect your company’s unique value.

In the INC. article 7 Ways to Stand Out From the Competition, one of the most important ways is by making the customer experience different:
Todd Berger, president and CEO of Transportation Solutions Enterprises

(TSE), a Chicago-based transportation and logistics firm says, ” At TSE, we say, ‘you’re only as good as your last load.’ So while the company may be great, the reputation relies on the last transaction or interaction with the company. A reputation can be diminished if the delivery was late, if the employee was rude, or if the order was wrong and the cost wasn’t covered.”

The same is true for attendees that visit your trade show display. Your actual exhibit will entice attendees to cross the threshold, but if your sales people are discourteous or disinterested, prospects will move along quickly.
Make sure your sales staff also reflects the unique value that is your company brand.
  • Ensure they are fully trained
  • Are they motivated and excited about working the event?
  • Do they have the resources and tools necessary to respond to prospect’s questions?
  • Are there show specials that will inspire prospects to become customers?
  • Is your sales staff trained on the art of closing the deal?
  • Do they have the tools necessary to gather prospect data for follow-up communication?
Most importantly – will your sale team create a customer experience that matches your stunning trade show display – making attendees want to seek out your company, engage in conversation and stay to make a sale?
We all have competition. It is how you stand out that will make the difference.
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