How Unique is Your Trade Show Booth?

When we meet with new clients we lead them through a series of questions to help determine their goals, their expectations and their ideas. Often their initial ideas are fairly standard designs. Either they have had a trade show booth in the past that they want to update or they have seen displays that they want to replicate.  

This is where our talented and experienced trade show experts can help. While we can certainly accommodate trade show displays from table top to a standard 10×10 and more, our specialty is the unique way we approach helping our clients stand out in a crowded field of trade show displays. 

There is a direct correlation in the business impact that creative marketing plays in the overall success of a company’s trade show involvement. Creative marketing is more than just fun, it helps prospects connect with your brand.

B2B marketing offers these thoughts about creative marketing:
“…brands need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. You have to cut through a saturated environment and make sure that your brand can be seen and heard. This is where creative marketing comes in. It has the ability to be beneficial to a business because it allows your brand to find more innovative means of communicating with your target audience.”
Examples of Unique/Creative Trade Show Displays
This past year, one of our clients won Best in Show by incorporating a regulation boxing ring within their exhibit! 

Imagine the number of prospects that will turn out to take a selfie with this race car! 

Or a canoe!

When you allow our exhibit experts to help – we help create an environment that represents your brand in a unique and memorable way. 
Speaking of environments, consider creating segments within your booth that serve different purposes:

In  double deck displays exhibits, we use the upper deck for meeting and sales conferences. It allows for a private conversation without having to leave the exhibit space. 

In this design, we feature an LED screen that allows for movie quality video demonstrations. You might even offer popcorn for those who stop by to view your video!

This 30×30 display offers an upscale environment that exudes professionalism and sophistication. There are areas for easy conversation, an opportunity to rest, talk and charge your device, more information sales demonstration areas and a showcase LED screen to feature videos of your products and services. 
Did you know…

Consumer’s average attention span is 8 seconds-1 second less than a goldfish-dropping 4 seconds since 2000.

How can you hope to capture the attention of prospects at a trade show given the number of other businesses trying to make a connection?  Create a unique environment and experience for your prospects with your trade show display and prospects will flock to your door! 
Check out our Portfolio for examples of some of the exhibits we have designed and built. E&E Exhibit Solutions Portfolio

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