The Power of Graphics: Floor to Ceiling

There are two areas of your trade show display that quite frankly, can be overlooked. If you are building your booth without the benefit of an experienced trade show partner, you might just miss out on two of the most impactful places to display your company message:

The Floor and the Ceiling
When designing your trade show booth, the focus is typically on the four “walls” of your exhibit. But don’t underestimate the power of the floor and the ceiling as prime marketing space.

In Maine, they are known for the idiom “You can’t get there from here.” It seems to make no sense and yet, when it comes to trade shows – it has great meaning. Attendees can’t get to your booth s without walking through the venue and they certainly can’t get there without a floor beneath their feet.

Using floor graphics can help guide attendees deeper into your space, and allow them to receive your message even before you start the conversation.

Build your marketing message from the ground up-starting with trade show flooring Put your logo and branding message on a variety of durable flooring materials.  E&E Graphic Innovations offers a wide selection of custom floor decals and ground ads for indoors or outdoors.

Put Your Logo on Floor Graphics:

Roll-able carpet in any color or thickness wood and laminate finishes
Raised platforms with wire management
Thick carpet padding
Interlocking anti-fatigue rubber tiles

Be consistent with your brand message and include custom floor graphics within your display area.

When attendees aren’t looking down, they are looking up and that is never truer than at a trade show event. The minute people enter the convention hall they are assaulted with color, sound and movement. It can be overwhelming – so how can you break through the clutter and capture their attention? Short of a roving spotlight – the best solution is hanging signs. 

Capture the Attention of Attendees with Hanging Signs

Help attendees locate your booth with your company name more visible from above
Signs hang overhead and can rotate, drawing attention to your booth from the movementSelect from a variety of sizes, styles and shapes-cubes, circles, spheres, triangles, discs, custom shapes and more
Made from lightweight aluminum tube frames
Custom fabric graphics are produced with the highest quality fabrics and inks
Customize your hanging sign with your company logo and branding
Reuse your frame and print new trade show graphics when your message changes
The perfect addition to custom displays, 20×20 booth or island displays

Make sure you are making the most out of these two prime areas of your booth; the floor and ceiling. Need some idea? E&E Exhibit Solutions are “People with Ideas.” 
Give us a call – we can help. 

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