To Rent or Not to Rent?

While deciding on a rental trade show exhibit may not have the same gravitas as Hamlet’s soliloquy, it does have the potential of having an impact on your marketing budget.
Sadly, many have the misconception that a rented display means:

  • Bottom of the barrel
  • Used and abused
  • Selection…what selection?
  • Generic and boring

If that is your belief – take a moment to view the examples of just some of the custom-designed exhibit rentals  we have built:

Exhibit Rental Truths

  1. Considering booth rentals? Of course, you are – renting a booth is 1/3 the cost of purchasing one!
  2. Your company wants a different and unique look every year?  Renting your exhibits offers so many solutions.
  3. The offerings should be extensive.  Your trade show partner should be aligned with MANY vendors where they can pick and choose parts and pieces to come up with a hybrid solution that fits your company’s needs. 
  4. Rental exhibits offer customization.  Your rental display will incorporate your logo, company colors, and marketing messages, but does it have custom pieces and designs just for you?  Are the fixtures hi-end? 
  5. Rental exhibits should be of the highest of quality.  Your brand image is important.  When you rent a display, custom kiosks, counters, flooring and signage, they must be pristine and professional.  You’ll experience the same great service, design and finished product with our exhibit rentals as you would if you were buying new.  It’ll look like you own it!
  6. You can mix and match. If you already own a trade show display but plan to exhibit at a larger event or will be exhibiting at multiple events in different parts of the country, consider adding rental components to your existing display. Exhibit rentals are a great addition to your existing display and provide flexibility in layout and design.
  7. Turn-Key Solutions.  There are so many details involved in designing, building, shipping and labor regarding exhibit rentals, choose a company that does it all.

If you have been considering the possibility of using exhibit rentals for your next event – give us a call. No need to ponder or debate – we will help you determine the best solution for your business. 
Need some idea? E&E Exhibit Solutions are “People with Ideas.” 

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