Unique Trade Show Display Wins!

Marketers talk about the benefits of thinking outside the box, but Nextiva recently put all their efforts inside the box (or the ring) and it paid off.

Nextiva won the  Best in Class and Best of Show award at the Channel Partners Evolution conference this past year in Philadelphia. They came to us for a solution to feature their services/products within a 20×30 island displays area.
We created a design that divided the space up to include feature walls, hanging signs (check out the boxing gloves) and dynamic graphics, but it was the boxing ring that really was a “knock-out!”
“We are thrilled to have been honored with the ‘Best in Class’ and ‘Best in Show’ awards at Tech+Connect 2.0,” said Ira Feuerstein, Nextiva’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. “Our team’s dedication to teaching our partners how to sell innovative, easy-to-use products surely make it simple to give an inspiring and effective training. These awards are truly a testament to our commitment to the partner community.”

The sales team at Nextiva used the boxing ring to conduct sales meetings allowing prospects to live out their “Rocky” fantasies while learning about the services Nextiva provides. It was unique and effective. 
“Almost 200 professional salespeople were asked to rate the providers at Tech+Connect 2.0 on the effectiveness of each provider’s ‘How to Sell’ presentation,” said Bill Power, CEO of The Alliance Partners. 
“We’re thrilled that Nextiva won the ‘Best in Class’ rating for their UCaaS/CCaaS sales training presentation.”

Trade Show Design Process
The professionals at E&E Exhibit Solutions understands the importance of making the most of your trade show exhibit square footage. Whether you have 10×10 displays or double decker trade show island displays, our Design Specialists work with you to create a unique and effective display.
Our customized trade show exhibit designs are created exclusively for each client. While there are “cookie-cutter” designs available, we pride ourselves on creating a finished product that is specific to each individual client’s needs, brand, message and graphic image.
We take your suggestions and ideas and combine them with our vast experience to create:

  • Sketches
  • Engineered drawings
  • Color renderings
  • Finished exhibit booth structure
  • Using your existing marketing content and images, we’ll create custom trade show graphic designs and large-format graphics to enhance your booth
  • Your input is critically important at every stage to ensure custom displays that meet your needs

We congratulate the team at Nextiva on their awards and look forward to the opportunity to help your company be an award-winner in 2019. 
Need some idea? E&E Exhibit Solutions are “People with Ideas.” 

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