What are Some Hidden Trade Show Costs?

trade show costsOne of the most frequent questions we receive is “What are some of the hidden trade show costs?”

 The costs are straight forward:

  • Trade Show Display, graphics, flooring, AV & furniture.
  • Show Services: Material Handling, Electrical, IP Address, Lead Retrieval, Daily Cleaning & Plants
  • Travel Expenses & Personnel
  • Collateral & Giveaways

These are items easily identified and budgeted for and in most cases, the benefits of participating in a trade show and the direct contact with potential customers far outweighs the expense.

 But what about the hidden costs that are not as easily identified? What are they and how can you minimize the financial expense?

Hidden Trade Show Costs to Be Aware Of

  •  Planning. The amount of details associated with planning, executing, participating and following up from a trade show add up quickly. Unless your company has a person specifically assigned to manage trade show participation; partnering with a trade show consultant saves time, money, effort, and reduces errors.
  • Set up and Tear Down. When exhibiting in an unfamiliar venue there may be unexpected costs for labor. A trade show consultant has long standing relationships with all the major exhibit halls across the United States and can save time and money as well as the stress of trying to manage the participation from a distance.
  • Shipping and storage. Be aware that if your event is on the weekend, there may be additional shipping costs involved. Planning ahead or using a third party to not only manage the shipping to and from the event but can also offer off season warehouse storage is another cost savings solution.
  • Sales Literature. Offering product information to trade show attendees is not only critical but expected. However the recurring costs of development, printing and shipping sales sheets can add up quickly. Technology now offers the ability to save these costs by utilizing a mobile iPad trade show app which displays and immediately sends, via email, to prospects and customers.

E&E Exhibit Solution’s trade show consultants help save time and reduce hidden costs by partnering with you from the beginning of the process.

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