You Get What You Put InIt is All About the EFFORT

You can have a showstopping trade show display (and trust us, at E&E Exhibit Solutions, award-winning exhibit designers, we know all about showstopping designs) if you haven’t prepared, don’t show up and fail to follow-up, your results will be less than stellar.
Let’s take those efforts one at a time…

When preparing a wonderful meal, the effort and planning requires a variety of steps. The same is true for a trade show.  There is more to preparing for a successful trade show experience than putting together a budget, a marketing message and a show discount package. 

You also have to:

  • Research the expected attendees
  • Understand their current challenges that your products/services can provide
  • Work with the convention staff to receive contact information in advance, if possible
  • Select a sales staff that will best represent your company
  • Provide training on the unique opportunities for relationship-building at a trade show event
  • Determine the best products to feature within your booth
  • Know your competition
  • Understand the changing industry trends
  • Utilize social media to begin creating buzz around your upcoming event
  • Reach out to expected attendees and consider scheduling private meetings
  • Plan a separate evening, invitation-only, event for top prospects
  • Consider the possibility of being a speaker at a breakout event to provide industry updates and data

Show Up

There is a quote that says something like half the battle is just showing up. True, however, if you want to win the war – you need to do more than just show up. This is where your efforts of preparation and training will really pay off. 
The right mindset and attitude can really set your trade show booth apart from others. In fact, you can be the talk of the event just by the effort and energy you put forth with attendees.
In a recent newsletter article in which we explore ” Are You a Trade Show Warrior” we share the benefits of having high energy, engaging salespeople greeting and building relationships with the attendees. 
Utilizing technology and high-tech exhibits to attract traffic to your booth is highly recommended, however, once people cross over your threshold, it becomes all about how well your staff interacts. As they say “this is where the rubber meets the road.” How much effort is your staff willing to put into the experience? The days are long, but the potential for great success is real if only the effort is put forth.


Follow-up is a key element to a successful trade show and the one component that is often ignored. 
Technology offers the opportunity to immediately capture prospect data while having a conversation. However, to build a relationship with a prospect that turns into a lifelong customer, it requires follow-up and regular interactions. 
Make sure your team not only conducts an initial follow-up but regularly reaches out to those they met. Needs and budgets change; what a prospect can’t afford today will be the answer to all their business challenges six months from now. 

And a Great Exhibit!

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the fact that putting great effort into your actual exhibit display is also important and who better to help with the process than the award-winning team at E&E Exhibit Solutions. 
Check out our Portfolio for examples of some of the exhibits we have designed and built. E&E Exhibit Solutions Portfolio
Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can make sure you put the best effort forth for your next trade show event. 

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