3 Myths about Renting a Trade Show Booth

renting a trade show boothHave you hesitated to consider renting a trade show booth, display components, flooring, or accessories because of some misconception that it wouldn’t look spectacular?

Although custom trade show displays are ideal and offer a variety of configurations from 10×20 displays to double deck displays, a trade show booth rental also provides similar options at a fraction of the cost.

3 Myths about Renting a Trade Show Booth:

1.  Quality – a rental display will be worn and less professional than a tradeshow booth designed for my company.

WRONG: Trade show booth components such as walls, hanging signs, flooring, furniture and cabinets are stored in the same secure cases and crates as custom designed trade show booths. The exhibit storage available at E&E Exhibit Solutions is well managed, safe and secure; ensuring every trade show display (rented or purchased) retains its professional quality.

2.  Options – an exhibit rental is limited in options, I’d rather have a wide range of materials, colors, styles and accessories to chose from.

WRONG: Exhibit rentals are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and the choices available are almost as limitless as those available for purchase. Accessories, such as display kiosks, banner stands and additional add-ons like flooring, hanging signs and counters are also all available for rental.

3. Customize – exhibit rentals can’t be customized to include my company colors, logos or marketing materials. I have to just settle for something “close.”

WRONG: Graphics, colors, flooring and signage can all be customized to including your company brand message and coloring. Here is a picture of a RENTED fatigue resistant flooring being customized to include the marketing message of one company.

Exhibit Rentals provide flexibility; rent an island display for your next trade show before committing to a purchase, add furniture to create a sales area without the expense of a permanent purchase.  Call today to learn more.