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Are you ready to shine at your next trade show? Step into the spotlight with a light box display rental that not only captures attention effortlessly but is also a breeze to set up. Make a lasting impression by incorporating a custom trade show light box into your exhibit, ensuring your booth stands out among the competition.

At E&E Exhibit Solutions, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions to transform your trade show booth into a captivating showcase. From internally-lit frames, backlit fabric displays, AV rentals to light box displays, and more, we have the tools to make your booth shine. 

Benefits of Trade Show Light Box Displays with E&E Exhibit Solutions

Our innovative light box trade show displays redefine how you showcase your brand at trade shows, offering a multitude of advantages that set you apart from the competition. Illuminate your path to success with these extraordinary features:

Highly Effective and Durable Design: Ensure your signage is presented at its best with LED-lit graphics that travel seamlessly. E&E Light Boxes integrate LED lighting into the frame structure, ensuring durability by safeguarding the lighting components.

The lightweight and durable aluminum construction makes transportation a breeze. Each size conveniently fits into a rolling transport storage container, allowing for easy movement and setup by a single person.

Utilization of Light-Weight Graphics: Customize your light box with foldable SEG fabric graphics, creating a sleek and dynamic visual. Energy-efficient LED lights shine through heavy-duty fabric specifically designed for maximum illumination.

Versatility in Sizes and Shapes: Explore a range of light box structures to find the perfect fit for your trade show presentation. Various sizes and shapes provide presenters with options and possibilities for success.

Simple Setup and Tear Down: E&E offers light boxes in various sizes to seamlessly fit your tradeshow booth environment. Designed for mobility and durability, our light boxes are perfect for presentations at multiple locations.

The lightweight aluminum frames are not only durable but also easy to assemble. The frames simply slide and snap together, eliminating the need for tools. Once set up, fabric graphics effortlessly slip into place, creating a polished display. The assembly and disassembly process is quick and efficient.

Advantages of Renting a Trade Show Light Box Display

Cost-Efficient Storage Solution: Bid farewell to storage concerns. Renting a trade show light box eliminates the need for worrying about where to store exhibits post-event. Simply return them, freeing up valuable space for your business.

Swift Setup with Pre-Built Light Boxes: Time is of the essence in the dynamic world of trade shows. Our rental light boxes are easy to set-up and dismantle. Invest your time in designing your graphics, ensuring you’re prepared to showcase your brand with minimal planning.

Financial Savvy for Occasional Exhibitors: Enjoy substantial financial savings by opting for a rental display, especially if you participate in trade shows occasionally. Skip the hefty upfront investment associated with purchasing, making it a budget-friendly choice for single-event usage.

Freedom to Experiment and Innovate: Embrace a culture of experimentation. Renting provides you with the flexibility to try various display types without committing to a permanent installation. Plus, renting enables you to change your light box display designs for each show you attend!  Explore the impact of a double-sided light box or other innovative display options before making a long-term decision. 

Professional Guidance and Support: Benefit from professional guidance throughout the rental process. Our experienced team at E&E Exhibit Solutions is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect light box, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your branding and presentation goals.

Flexible Terms and Customization Options: Enjoy the freedom of customization options tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a light box for one show or for multiple shows, we provide solutions that adapt to your unique requirements.

Light Box Display Rentals from E&E Exhibit Solutions

A trade show light box display rental from E&E Exhibit Solutions offers a powerful combination of high-quality hardware, striking graphics, and illuminating effects. Choose from a variety of sizes to create the visual impact you desire. A light-up display is not only visually stunning but also an exceptional way to showcase your branding and message, generating buzz around your booth.

If you’re seeking a quick and easy solution to make a significant visual impact at your next event, explore the light box rental options from E&E Exhibit Solutions. Let your brand shine with brilliance, and captivate your audience effortlessly.

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