3 Ways to Customize a Tradeshow Exhibit Rental

10x20 exhibit rental from E&E Exhibit Solutions

You already know that renting all or part of the components of your tradeshow exhibit is an affordable, flexible way to create an effective trade show booth. But you may not realize the different ways a rental booth can be customized.

When you think rental, you may be thinking “generic.” However, with tradeshow exhibit rentals you have the opportunity to customize a variety of the components.

Here are just three ways to customize your tradeshow rental:

  1. Customize what you have in your exhibit. By selecting the components within your exhibit footprint, you are customizing how the area will feel to your visitors.  Whether you choose pop-up displays, counters with Tv/DVD screens, large format graphic displays, hanging signs or rental furniture; tradeshow rentals allow you to customize the feel of your booth.
  2. Customize the look of your tradeshow exhibit.Even though you may be renting the display components, you can add your company colors, graphics, logo images and create graphic messaging that is completely unique to your company’s products and services.
  3. Customize the experience for the visitor. Your presence within the booth creates a unique experience for the visitor. Do you have a separate sales area? Are there interactive opportunities to engage the visitor within your booth? Do you have same products so that the visitor and see, touch and even taste your products? Will you have a prize drawing or free samples for each visitor? Regardless of whether your tradeshow booth is purchased or rented, you can customize the experience people have when they come to visit your exhibit space.

Renting your tradeshow booth can save up to 70% of the cost of a newly designed and built display. Even with the cost of customize graphics, a rental booth offers a huge financial savings. So, if you are new to the tradeshow/convention experience, renting some or all of your tradeshow booth components can be a fiscally responsible option for your company.

If you are seriously considering renting your next tradeshow booth, the Tradeshow Exhibit Consultants with E&E Exhibit Solutions can help you weigh the benefits of customizing a rented tradeshow booth for your event.