4 Ways to Measure the Impact of Your Latest Trade Show Event

We just returned from the the 2017 ExhibitorLive event in Las Vegas and had a great time connecting with customers and prospects. 
For those that have attended trade shows, you know the work that goes into managing the details of preparing for an event that can potentially reap a large percent of annual sales. 
However, what processes does your company have in place to perform an “autopsy” of the event? 
Measuring the cost of the event and your return on investment is certainly a key deliverable to examine as well as follow up with leads and orders, however, how do you measure the actual impact?

Double Dutch, an event technology company, recently posted an article featuring the 

Three Post-Event Metrics Execs Actually Care About. One of those metrics is the impact of the event on your business. In the article, the author offers these four ways to measure impact:
Evaluate metrics that measure attendee intention, interest and networking:
  1. Value and number of opportunities: How many did the event influence? How many did the event source?
  2. Average Contract Value: Is the ACV of the opportunities your event influenced higher or lower than your company norm?
  3. Velocity: What stages were your opportunities in pre-event, compared to what they are post event. Are you seeing shorter sales cycles?
  4. Conversion Rate: Out of all the opportunities your event influenced & sourced, how many of them turned to “closed won” versus “closed lost”?

Taking the time to evaluate multiple measurements after participating in a trade show will help to impact future events. Make note of what went well and what could have gone better so that you can learn for next year.

This year we created an immersive experience using virtual reality (VR) where we embedded our company content into different world experiences.  You can watch the video below.  Press down on your mouse as you move the cursor as the video plays to view in 360 degrees.
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