7 Elements of a Best in Show Trade Show Booth

E&E Exhibit Solutions recently participated in the 2016 ExhibitorLive event with a new trade show booth. It was our third year in a row and this year our trade show displays featured a few new elements.trade show booth
It is important to update your trade show display as new technology and design elements are developed each year. Using the same 10×20 displays space as in the prior two years, we created a whole new look which include some of the most valuable elements.

7 Elements of a Successful Trade Show Booth


E&E Exhibits 2016 trade show booth display

1. Our name. Making sure that your logo and company name are easy to see within your trade show booth, from near and far, allow visitors to immediately know whose booth they are in. Following through that logo element with your accessories and marketing material means that attendees will be reminded in a variety of ways – the more they see your name, the more likely they are to remember you when they need to make a purchase.
2. Color. We incorporated our company colors into the accent walls, flooring and wall panels. Using bright colors helps to capture the attention of visitors – what ever helps them take a second look, increases the likelihood they will cross your threshold.
3. Lighting. The florescent lighting of the venue is placed in the ceiling a million miles above the heads of your visitors. Incorporating spot lights, wall lights and backlit graphics help brighten the look of your booth. Nobody wants to enter a dark, shadow-filled space. Make sure you have plenty of lighting in your booth.
4. Flooring. Not only did we incorporate our company colors into the area rug, we also added wood paneled trade show flooring to help define the space of our trade show booth as well as elevating the look and feel of our space. Nothing says “high end” like a hard wood floor.
5. Technology. This year we introduced a number of technical elements to our trade show display. We had the iPad tablets which include the special trade show apps. This allows our sales reps to quickly capture attendee information as well accessing the appropriate products that meet their needs. Additionally, we added the latest in wall graphics, the flexible, lightweight graphic display which connects to your computer to show images and video. This was one of the highlights of our 2016 booth.
6. Comfortable seating. We decided to add a small area withtrade show furniture to attract visitors and allow for more in depth conversation. Sitting down with a prospect, placing your products or iPad in their hands to help them connect on a more personal level helps to elevate the conversation from prospect to customer.
7. Us. We brought our A game with our entire sales staff as well as hiring additional assistance to help draw prospects into our booth. Populating your trade show booth with highly trained, positive, motivated sales personnel helps inspire conversations that last longer than the length of time it takes to hand out trade show swag. We are still wading through the rich leads we managed to connect with and look forward to speaking with you all soon!
Consider incorporating one or more of these tips when designing your next trade show displays.