How the Cloud Can Benefit Your Sales Team

Earlier this month we talked about ways your trade show displays can help you stand out from the competition. Now let’s talk about how the latest technology trends can provide powerful tools your sales team that will help you stand out from the competition.

When meeting with prospects, over the phone, in their office or at a large venue like a trade show, the key to success is having the right information at the tip of your fingers.

In the old days…last year…we still relied on having stacks of marketing brochures, product sheets and finite Power Point presentations that could only address the basics of what you can offer. Not only was it expensive to ship all of the paper necessary, the marketing materials failed to be customized to your individual prospects questions and needs.
There are some apps available, including our very successful mobile iPad trade show app which allow you to load information in advance onto a Smart device and capture prospect information at the time of the conversation. However, the cloud takes that technology one step further.
In  Stephen Dinos ‘ article 5 ways to use Cloud computing for marketing there are three benefits that really work well for the trade show environment:
1. Access Files Anywhere, Any Time
Don’t worry about saving files to a flash drive or bringing print materials. Simply sign in to your cloud storage service, and show the files to your client [prospect] This saves time and encourages increased sharing of ideas. Plus, you can even access files from your mobile phone. Mobility is key in today’s economy.

2. Share More, Quickly and Easily

Online cloud storage offers an elegant and free solution. Upload the large file or files to your chosen cloud provider, grab the share link or set the item-level permissions levels, and email the client with the file. You’ll save time and make idea sharing and feedback even easier for all parties involved. As an added bonus, you’ll never have to wonder if the file made it past a spam filter or firewall.

3. Collaborate with Team Members

Many cloud storage programs have collaborative tools, including chat capability and groups. Use these functions to share materials across a group, and ensure everyone is seeing the same set of documents and working together. This offers easy versioning control, since all materials are kept in one location accessible to all involved. Most cloud-based applications will also track changes, so it’s easy to see what was changed, when it was changed, and – if notes were used – why it was changed.
Technology has become a standard way of doing business and yet most marketing and sale professionals are unfamiliar with how to use the cloud to assist them with connecting with prospects and even closing the sale. There are a number of applications and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools available. It is worth taking the time to research the best tools for your business.
Bottom line: the faster you can access information specific to your prospects needs the better. Time is a valuable commodity and when you participate in a trade show, grabbing the attention of attendees long enough to uncover their needs can be a challenge.
Hint: One way E&E helps clients capture the attention of attendees is by
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