The Hottest Trend in Trade Shows

When you think of trade show trends, you might first think technology or social media.  However, studies are now showing that the number one hottest trend for trade shows is finding a way to incorporate some type of wellness program into the event.
Recently trade show event coordinators were asked “What is provided at the coffee break for your last trade show the answers?”
60% – Coffee and Pastries
20% – Coffee and Healthy Snack Options
20% – Fitness Program – stretching/yoga
Filling up on coffee and sugared snacks may make you feel great for a moment, but the crash you feel shortly after will keep you from performing at your best. What is the answer?
Kim Bercovitz, Ph.D. recently shared some ideas during a webinar on health and fitness at trade shows on TSNN. Her ideas were meant to be incorporated by the actual event planners, but as a business with your own trade show displays, you can benefit by joining in the fun.
Kim recommends offering periodic stretching, yoga and mindfullness moments throughout the event. How can you benefit?
4 Ways to Incorporate Wellness into your Trade Show Exhibit

1.  Consider offering branded towels or stretching bands as a door prize or giveaway.

Whether they use them during the event or at home, they will always have your company name close at hand.

2.  Mindfulness is another hot trend and coloring books are the best way adults are finding to tune out and relax. Consider branding a coloring book as a giveaway. People will flock to your trade show

booth to grab their copy. Why not capture their email and contact information in exchange?
3.  Kim also talks about the importance of staying hydrated. While there are lots of places attendees can find a drink, perhaps the spontaneity of walking past your trade show booth and finding a cold, refreshing glass of water will be just the ticket to them to come and in and have a chat. 
4.  Lastly, rather than those sugar laden snacks that you find at the breaks, consider offering those that visit your booth a healthier alternative.
Complex carbs, like nuts, are a great finger food that attendees can enjoy while chatting with you about the products and services you offer.
Standing out from the competition within a crowded trade show floor can be challenge. However, offering a unique way to incorporate wellness in the experience attendees have when visiting your booth could be just the ticket.
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