Making Flooring the Center of Attention

When we think of flooring, we look for serviceable, durable covering. Flooring rarely enters our mind when we think of marketing messages and yet, perhaps it is an untapped surface that should be explored.
This summer the Manhattan location (5th Avenue and 20th Street in NYC) of famed designer Michael Kors redesigned their showroom with a trendy, graphic print.

The use of creative flooring draws the consumer into the shop without taking away from the marketing messages on the walls, hanging signage or displaying products. The same can be said for your trade show display. 

Let’s explore some of the unique flooring options:
Digitally Printed Flooring

Digitally printed flooring is a great way to emblazon your logo, however, you can also be creative:
*   Graphically showcase your top-selling products with images on digitally printed flooring.
*   Create a specialty environment by using digitally printed flooring to depict a map or photo image or animal print.

*   Be whimsical using digitally printed flooring to create a board game, underwater scene or the illusion of a cavern.Premium Carpet
Add luxury and dimension to your exhibit with the use of premium carpet.

Premium carpet available from E&E Exhibit Solutions comes in a variety of styles, textures, colors, sizes, and thicknesses. From industrial to indoor-outdoor turf to plush shag carpet, E&E offers a wide selection of premium carpets to select from for your next trade show display.

Rollable Woodgrain Vinyl flooring

Rollable woodgrain vinyl is available in a variety of finishes and thicknesses, the rollable woodgrain vinyl flooring will enhance your company products and graphic imagery.
Create an environment of warmth and professionalism with a customized rolled flooring that matches your company brand and enhances your booth designs.
 Raised Flooring

Raised flooring is the ideal solutions for a variety of trade show and business reasons such as:
* Elevated flooring for a temporary stage
* Raised flooring to support up to a 2-ton vehicle or heavy machinery
* As a sub-floor under which computer and electrical wiring can safely be secured
* To showcase a portion of your exhibit area for product placement
Custom Logo Flooring
When it comes to flooring, the options are limitless. 
Consider your trade show flooring for your next exhibit. Using creative flooring solutions is a great way to stand out from the competition. It is also a unique way to refresh your existing trade show display. 
Visit our website. Take time reviewing the portfolio of our exhibits and accessories and then give us a call. Let ‘s work together to create the best possible trade show display for your company’s needs.