Politics, Religion and Trade Shows

We are in the thick of the holiday season, a time for gathering with business associates, vendors, friends and family. A time when conversations can lead to differing opinions and hurt feelings.
At E&E Exhibit Solutions, trade shows experts, your well-being is important to us. As such, we’d like to offer you a few topics of conversation that will unite rather than divide.
1. When reaching across the partisan aisle this holiday season, look to conversational topics that everyone can agree on. For example, did you know that trade shows are still the number one way to promote your business to the largest audience over the shortest period of time? “According to data from the Center for Exhibit Industry Research, it costs 62 percent less to close a lead generated from a trade show than one originated in the field.” Talk about making sales great again!
2. Should conversation start down a path of who has been appointed as new cabinet members, why not talk about the latest in trade show accessories – the stylish platinum counter cabinet with a locking door with internal shelf for product or material storage. It is sleek, beautiful and practical.
3. If one of your business colleagues points to the latest political opinion on Twitter, you can point to how Twitter can be used to benefit your trade show results. In fact, using Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other forms of social media is a great way to connect with attendees before, during and after the event.
4. There is nothing more awkward than when the conversation at a business function turns to religion. Avoid the tension by talking about the latest in stretch tension fabric graphics and how they’ll make your trade show display stand out from the competition. Here are five reasons stretch tension fabric are right for your display.
5. Finally, if you find yourself at a family function and the conversation turns to your personal life; when are you going to get married, when will you get a better job, how soon until you finally have a baby…you can counter with a satisfying conversation about the marriage between exhibit rentals and rental accessories with your current trade show displays. It is a great union!
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