How Social Media Drives Traffic 3 Tips for Your Next Trade Show

Everybody is doing it. Tweeting. Posting live Facebook videos. Customizing Instagram photos. It is all the rage, so how can you incorporate social media and drive traffic to your trade show booth this season?

1.     Assign a social media manager for the event. Select someone on your staff who is conversant in social media to begin the conversation several weeks prior to the event. Using the assigned hashtag (#) for the event, send out tweets that include your booth number and location, special show discounts, any special events and the opportunity to schedule one-on-one sales conversations. Make it fun. Consider first-come, first-served prizes for those that following and re-tweet or share Facebook posts. Use Instagram to include speak peak photos of your booth and the sales staff. Have fun with the Instagram filters. Remember that humor goes a long way in creating a buzz about your company.

During the event, keep the stream of information flowing with photos, videos and snapchats with prospects and sales staff. Consider hourly or periodic specials that are only communicated via social media to your followers to help drive additional traffic.
Once the event is over, keep that conversation going with messages of thanks and updated facts, sales, and industry news.

2.     Employ a fun “man on the street” series of interviews at your booth. Consider asking fun questions of those passing by to grab their attention. Shoot a live Facebook video or film a series of interviews and then post them on your social media sites. Spark Media offers 21 great tips for creating fun, engaging man on the street videos.

They suggest asking questions that only the participant can answer which might also garner fun responses. In one case, at a trade show focused on security, they asked participants to share their password. The answers made for a funny video. Here are a few other questions they suggest that you can modify to suit your company, industry and the theme of the event:
  • What’s the Best Time to Swear at Your Customers?
  • How Do You Explain Virtualization to Your Mom?
  • How Do You Explain the Private Cloud to Your Mom?

3.     Be the destination for power. Include a charging station in your trade show booth so that attendees know to come and visit when they are running low on power. While their device is charging you have the opportunity to engage them in conversation. Trade Show Charging stations are available in a variety of styles and can be purchased or rented.

To learn more about custom trade show displays and how corporate interactive media can help you achieve your trade show goals,  contact E&E Exhibit Solutions.