Trade Show Confidence is on the Rise

You don’t have to be a gambler to have confidence in the effectiveness of trade shows. If you’ve ever had a trade show display, you know the power of face-to-face interaction with your prospects. There is no better business opportunity than the ability to connect with hundreds of prospects over just a few days. 

Imagine the time and cost to drive and/or fly to meet with each of the people you encounter over a three-day trade show. It would be astronomical and certainly, you’d be hard-pressed to see a return on your investment.

That’s why trade shows are so appealing and it appears that in 2018 that appeal is even greater.

In a recent study by Exhibitor Online – they surveyed marketing and sales professionals to see just where trade show attendance falls in their marketing plan for 2018. 

A whopping 68% expressed confidence that this year will see even greater results than last. 

Here are just a few of the high points from the survey:
25% plan to have a larger exhibit space27% intend to spend more promoting their trade show participation 18% will spend more on their large format digital graphics. 

In last month’s newsletter, we shared our own experiences at the ExhibitorLIVE over the past few years. We realized that, not only do trade shows provide a great ROI (return on investment), but the more we spend, the bigger our footprint, the greater the results. 
However, the reality is, just being there is better than not, if you are trying to build your brand. 

We’ll delve into Planning, Promotion, and Participation in trade shows in next month’s edition of The Idea Express – so make sure you keep an eye out. Also, take a gander at our past newsletters for ideas on trade show accessories, training your sales staff, follow up and more. 
Until then, let E&E Exhibit Solutions® revolutionize your next trade show!

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