What Will You Do with a Blank Canvas?

Hobby Lobby sells this watercolor blank canvas in stores and online. 
If you had unlimited art supplies, what would you do with this canvas? 
The options are limitless; paint a portrait, color a variety of small pictures, fill the space with photographs like a scrapbook page or even add dimension by attaching additional items. 
Designing a trade show booth for your business is a similar process. You select a canvas, an exhibit space size, and then the real fun begins.
Design Experts

Your company trade show booth starts with a blank canvas. At E&E™ our Design Professionals can help fill in the space to meet your marketing goals. We take your suggestions and ideas and combine them with our vast experience to create:  

  • Sketches
  • Engineered drawings
  • Color renderings
  • Finished exhibit booth structure
  • Using your existing marketing content and images, we’ll create custom trade show graphic designs and large-format graphics to enhance your booth
  • Your input is critically important at every stage to ensure custom displays that meet your needs

Let’s look at the renderings of several 10×20 displays rentals we have provided for our customers.  In future newsletters we’ll share examples of  Island Displays Rentals

This first image is of the The Blackstone Publishing exhibit which is a 10×10 display for a smaller space. The second image below shows how that can be adapted for a 10×20 space, utilizing the components from their smaller exhibit.

 The Bobrick rendering is a complete custom build with appliances and spaces designed to accommodate their products for demonstration purposes.

There is a lot of detail and knowledge that goes into the rendering process. Our professional Sales team works with clients, discovers needs and requirements and communicates with Design Experts to create renderings, customized for you.  Renderings are created by our exhibit specialists who know and understand our booth structure components, convention center guidelines, and they consult with Warehouse Technicians when necessary on how best to build these structures.  

While the scope of your exhibit design is technical in nature, thanks to renderings, you don’t have to imagine what your ideas will look like before they are built.  Our experts can work with you to put the components that you need with your colors and logos, so you can see, before you build, what the finished product will look like.  Visit our website. Take time reviewing the portfolio of our exhibits and accessories and then give us a call. Let ‘s work together to create the best possible trade show display for your company needs.