Who is in Your Trade Show Booth?

Determining the Staff That will Benefit Your Business  

It’s the height of trade show season again. What changes will you make to your trade show display this year? 
Keeping your exhibit fresh and inviting is critical to driving traffic across the threshold but perhaps the best accessory you can add this year is an engaging staff.
Here are a few of the traits you’ll want to foster in your booth this year:

1. Inviting. One of the best ways to encourage attendees to cross the threshold into your booth is by having staff members who invite them in. When you visit E&E June Malone greets you and always makes you feel welcome! 
Body language is an important component. You might be surprised to learn what your stance says to people. Remember to:

  • Smile
  • Shake hands (firmly but not too hard)
  • Keep your body open (no crossed arms or legs) to the conversation
  • Nod your head
  • Make eye contact

2. Informed. Make sure your staff is well informed about your products and services. However, pure knowledge isn’t enough. They should be excited about what you offer and informed about the best uses for your products so that they make the best recommendations.

3. Engaged. Part of being an engaged staff member is understanding the power of listening and asking open-ended questions. The more you learn about your prospects the better equipped you’ll be when making product/service recommendations. 
4. Social. Maximize the benefits of social media by having staff members use Twitter and Instagram to share moments in your booth. Make sure you hashtag your company and booth number so people come to visit. 
5. Closer. Ask for the sale. Staff members who understand the power of closing the deal will benefit by having increased sales. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. There are many ways to close at a trade show:

  • Asking for an order
  • Getting their contact information
  • Finding out their needs
  • Scheduling a follow-up call or meeting

6. Follow up. A great trade show conversation will soon be forgotten but if your staff take the time to follow up with calls, text, emails and snail mail the relationship will have the opportunity to grow. Great customer relationships equal long term business.

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