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The 3 S’s of your Trade Show Display

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There is more to trade shows than just the event. Most articles on trade show displays focus on the event; making the most of the opportunity, creating and building the best trade show exhibit and finding and using the latest technology to stand out from the competition. These are all important, but there is more to… Read more »

Business Lessons from the Latest in Exercise Trends

If you are like millions of Americans, you know the value of eating right and incorporating regular exercise into your routine.   However, you may not be aware of the fact that we can gain more than just a healthy mind and body through healthy living, we can also learn how to be a better… Read more »

What are Some Hidden Trade Show Costs?

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One of the most frequent questions we receive is “What are some of the hidden trade show costs?”  The costs are straight forward: Trade Show Display, graphics, flooring, AV & furniture. Show Services: Material Handling, Electrical, IP Address, Lead Retrieval, Daily Cleaning & Plants Travel Expenses & Personnel Collateral & Giveaways These are items easily identified and… Read more »

How to Navigate your Exhibitor Manual to Find and Complete 5 Essential Trade Show Forms

If you’re new to trade shows or a veteran event marketer, this guide can help you get organized and navigate through the online exhibitor manual to find the most important and useful information about your upcoming trade show. Follow these real-life tips from our exhibit consultants, and you’ll a be much happier and successful trade… Read more »

E&E Aids Advertising Agencies with Trade Show Marketing

Over the past 20 years since opening E&E Exhibit Solutions, I have encountered many ad agency owners who look at trade shows as something that takes up a significant portion of their clients’ marketing budgets—and subsequently takes away from the agency’s profitability. Ad agencies have either walked away from the trade show business as too complex… Read more »

Should You Buy or Rent Your Trade Show Display?

E&E Exhibit offer customers either option, so which one is right for you? A trade show display rental is the right answer for your business if… You are participating in your first trade show – a booth rental allows you the opportunity to try a trade show display before making the investment to purchase. You… Read more »